iPhone 8 Guide

iPhone 8 Equipped with Large Capacity Battery


Since the beginning of 2016, rumors of the iPhone 8 itself has appeared and been the talk of some circles. But from Apple itself does not provide any information about their latest flagship smartphone. But now there is a new update again, which reportedly will use the iPhone 8 Fast Charging feature, as reported by the WCCFtech.


The source reportedly came from China, where in addition to cultivated feature wireless charging, the battery capacity is larger than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus also will be pinned on the iPhone 8. So that likely planted the device also features a fast charger aka Fast Charging. Is not new, but with this feature it would certainly tantalizing for iPhone users.


Leaked iPhone 8 until today is still confusing because it's currently only isa suspect alone. But we can be sure that the iPhone 8 is going to bring a lot of additional features and improved in terms of components. As alleged use Apple A10 chipset which Apple reportedly will submit entirely on TSMC than Samsung. We wait later in September until Apple officially announced the iPhone 8's.